Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester

The Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester - 6 weeks, 7 certifications, up to 12 college credit hours = 1 amazing experience.

The Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester is a combined course experience taught May-June each year for rising professionals in the outdoor education and recreation fields. The combination of nationally recognized certification trainings offers students an opportunity to make themselves marketable in the outdoor community, building a resume founded in national standards. Training does not substitute for experience, however training helps folks gain the work that furthers their outdoor professional career. The LOES is available for up to 12 hours of college credit through Western Carolina University.  

Course Outline

  • NOLS Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (EMT plus WUMP): 238 contact hours
  • American Safety & Health Institute Basic Life Support: 8 contact hours
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator: 40 contact hours
  • American Canoe Association L4: Swiftwater Rescue: 16 contact hours
  • Starfish Aquatics Institute Wilderness Lifeguard: 16 contact hours
  • American Canoe Association L2: River Canoe Assessment: 24 contact hours
  • Semester Expedition – Capstone Project: 24+ hours
  • Orientation, Educator Workshop, and Graduation Seminars: 16 hours

Total hours: 380+

Packing List

LOES Gearlist

General Information

Course Length

6 weeks / 380+ hours


  • Proof of age 18 years or older
  • Education: HS Diploma or equivalent
  • Vaccination record: Polio ,MMR, DT/DPT, Hep B (only 1st shot required) ,TB/PPD w/in 6 months of course start
  • No felony convictions and a clean driving record
  • Background check
  • 10-Panel Drug Screen
  • Minimum of 3 weeks backcountry living experience
  • Able to swim 100 meters
  • Able to hike and carry personal equipment 4-6 miles a day
  • Previous tandem canoe experience
  • Previous teaching experience preferred
  • Letter of recommendation from current Academic Advisor or Department Head

Certifications Received

Certifications, certificates of completion, and testing eligibility shall be awarded for each Semester segment, see each course overview page for specific details.

Course Length

Transcripts can be sent to your school for consideration of acceptance by your Registrar.

The Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester is eligible for your choice of up to 12 hours of college credit from Western Carolina University, right here in Cullowhee, NC. A SACS-accredited university, WCU will be able to offer transfer of your credits to your current or future school.

  • Students should expect to apply at WCU, pay a $65 one-time application fee, and enroll for the credits at least four (4) days prior to the course start date. The course is offered $55 per credit hour.
  • Go to: WCU Educational Outreach to apply and pay online.
  • Landmark Learning will provide final grades to WCU within 5 days of the Semester completion, and transfer will be available to students after that according to WCU’s calendar schedule.
  • To initiate your enrollment, alert the LL office when you register regarding your intention to gain college credit for the experience.

Course Expectations

Tuition includes:
  • All academic expenses for: 6 weeks/380+ hours
  • Eligibility for college credit up to 12 hours with Western Carolina University – or refer to your department head or registrar
  • 7 Nationally recognized certifications, of which 3 are Instructor level certifications
  • Semester Expedition group gear and group meals
  • Exit Interviews


The semester experience is a combination of our multi-certification training opportunities, open to the cohort and supplemented with public enrollment. The cohort students will be mixing with other student populations in most courses, creating a dynamic learning environment. The intense semester will culminate in an exit interview with next steps.


Students may stay at LL for an additional $375 fee.


Students are responsible for their own meals with exception of the backcountry portion of the LOES Capstone Expedition.

Additional Details

The semester is a combination of our elite training programs. Appropriate and required forms and informational pieces are listed below – be sure to bookmark the registration page to review gear lists and prerequisite information.
* indicates forms or information that must be returned prior to the start of the semester.
  • Directions to Landmark
  • LL Release form (one for entire semester)*
  • 2 ACA Releases (1xSWR, 1xCanoe Skills Assessment)*
  • SWR Expectations and Gear List
  • Canoe Instructor Expectations and Gear List
  • EMT Expectations and Gear List
  • NOLS WUMP Expectations and Gear List
  • NOLS Release*
  • SAI WLG Expectations and Gear List
  • LNT ME Expectations and Gear List
  • LNT Release*
  • Childhood vaccination record (see EMT expectations)*
  • HS Diploma/GED/equivalent (see EMT expectations)*
  • Proof of age*
  • Background Check
  • 10-panel Drug Screen
  • Clinical Orientation
Additional Expenses – not covered by course fees paid to Landmark:
  • EMT – any fees related to accessing HS diploma, transcripts showing HS graduation date, GED documents, etc.
  • EMT – clinical opportunities are required, and students must submit a background check via the directions given within their Active account.
  • EMT – clinical opportunities are required, and students much provide a 10-panel drug screen. Request-a-Test is recommended.
  • Clinical Kit – Optional. $35 Includes stethoscope, BP cuff, and penlight.