College Credit


Use this guide to understand options available to you, as a Landmark Learning prospective, current, or alumni student. This guide is not a guarantee that any college credit option you elect will automatically be received and accepted by your school or university.

A Registrar accepts or denies transcripts and transfer requests, according to their institution’s written policies and procedures. If you are currently enrolled in a college or degree-seeking program, it is advisable for you to work with your advisor and/or department head to understand specific requirements and processes in accepting credit from outside schools so you are aware of your credit options before attending a Landmark Learning course.

Because of the many complexities involved in credit transfer, Landmark Learning continues to work with several institutions to create relationships meant to best support the greatest number of students desiring college credit for their course experiences. Current options are described below – again, talk with your school directly. There may already exist an avenue for you to obtain college credit for your Landmark Learning experience!


  1. Check with your advisor or department head about specific needs to have your LL course transferred to your school.
  2. Sign up and pay for your elected credits as soon as possible at your school or through one of our provided college credit relationships, below.
  3. Enroll in your Landmark Learning course of choice, paying course costs/tuition. Be sure to plan ahead as many popular options fill early and have long waitlists.
  4. Alert the Landmark Learning office when you enroll that you are planning to gain college credit for your course, and provide them with any forms or information necessary for them to assist you.
  5. Attend and successfully complete your course. Follow up with any required paperwork before you leave your course. Often college credit will not be granted post-course.
  6. Request a college credit transfer or official transcript from the credit-granting option you elected at enrollment, and have it sent directly to your institution’s Registrar.
  7. Follow up with your institution to be sure they have received the credit transfer or transcript, and to verify any credit granted.


  • The application process at WCU must be started at least 30 days prior to the start date for your Landmark Learning course.
  • Non-WCU students must meet entrance requirements and apply through the Continuing Education Department. A one-time, non-refundable application fee is required.
  • The application fee is waived for WCU students.
  • WCU students can use financial aid to cover the cost of their college credits and the cost of select course tuition.
  • Americorps funds may be utilized to pay for tuition and lodging expenses, as well as the required college credit.
  • See the LL Credit at WCU 2022-2023 for complete details.


Individual Courses:

NOLS 103 Wilderness First Responder (4 credit hours); PRM 357 Wilderness First Responder

NOLS 105 Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (4 credit hours); PRM 356 Outdoor First Aid

NCOEMS 101 EMT Intensive (4 credit hours); PRM 356 Outdoor First Aid

NOLS Wilderness EMT 3+1[NCOEMS 101 + NOLS 105] (4 credit hours); PRM 356 Outdoor First Aid

LNT 101 Leave No Trace Master Educator (4 credit hours); PRM 486 Field Experience


  • Managed by Recreation and Exercise Sciences. Registration and payment is made, online, when you arrive at your course and prior to course completion.
  • All NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses are approved.
  • For complete details and to apply, visit their website.


Be sure to check with your advisor and/or department head prior to your course to determine your course’s eligibility for direct credit awarded by your school. Different schools have different processes and requirements.