NOLS WFR Recertification

Are your wilderness medicine protocols on the tip of your tongue or in the bottom of your pack?

NOLS Wilderness Medicine Communicable Disease Disclosure (English)

Are your wilderness medicine protocols on the tip of your tongue or in the bottom of your pack? This 3-day scenario-based course is designed as review and practice of evacuation and decision making guidelines. It also provides current updates in the wilderness medicine field.
There will be a written examination at the beginning of this course. Prepare for your course with these online resources.
​Learning takes place both in the classroom and in outdoor settings regardless of weather conditions. Come prepared for wet, muddy, cold or hot environments.

Course Outline

The 24-hour Wilderness First Responder Recertification course refreshes and updates topics covered in the WFR course.

WFR-R Schedule Jan 2024

Packing List

We will try to be outdoors as much as possible, regardless of the weather. Please dress appropriately for the weather, and to be comfortable both in and outdoors at any time during your course.

NOLS WFR Gear List

General Information

Course Length

24 hours / 3 days


WFR or WEMT certification from NOLS (must be current or within grace year), or another wilderness medicine provider with an initial training curriculum of 70+ hours, including SOLO or WMA (must be current) to recertify through this course. Contact the office prior to enrolling to confirm your certification’s eligibility for the NOLS WFR Recertification course.

Certifications Received

NOLS Wilderness First Responder; NOLS Adult/Child CPR

Course Length

This course is pre-approved for 18 hours of EMT Continuing Education Hours by CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS).

Course Expectations

The WFR course is rapidly becoming the industry standard certification for guides and trip leaders. The NOLS WFR Recertification course is a 3-day intensive program, with greater than 24 hours of contact time. Teaching methods include an emphasis on didactic lectures and hands-on, experiential workshops and scenarios.

You must bring a copy of your current WFR card with you to the course or send it to our office with your registration!!!

On the first morning of the course, there will be a 50 question wilderness medicine exam to assess student knowledge and serve as a starting point for the recertification course. Information on up to date curriculum can be found on the NOLS website. A passing score of 70% is required on the 50 question test. If 70% is not attained on the first attempt, students will have the opportunity to retest on the 3rd day with another 50 question test, and the average of the two test attempts must equal 70%. The WFR-R also includes an observation based practical exam. Your rescue gear needs to be packed and ready to go at any moment throughout the course. Please refer to and follow the WFR-R Rescue Gear Checklist closely, and contact us with any questions you may have. Bad things happen outdoors and usually in bad weather! So, be prepared…dress in layers that you can remove indoors or in the sun, and layer up when we go outside. Full rain protection is a necessity, both rain tops and pants. Your comfort and ability to pay attention during this intense course will be helped if you stay well-hydrated and have snacks on hand to munch during class.

NOLS provides its own CPR certification within this course. It incorporates the American Heart Association’s 2015 curriculum guidelines with wilderness protocols to deliver a set of skills that is pertinent to our use in a wilderness setting. If you do not require CPR, you will be free to leave the course near noon on the third day, after the class is officially graduated; please do not make travel plans that require an earlier departure or you will have to make alternative testing arrangements at a later course. CPR will occur that afternoon for those who do need it at no additional cost and should end by 5PM.

Additional Details

Students should prepare by visiting the NOLS student resources and reviewing Curriculum Updates, viewing skills videos on YouTube, and taking a written practice exam.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine – Student Resources