Protected: Wilderness Swim Safety Instructor

After satisfactory completion of the Wilderness Swim Safety program, participants can take this additional three-day training to become an Instructor candidate of the program.

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General Information

Course Length

3 days


  • Minimum twenty-one years of age
  • Successful completion of Wilderness Swim Safety
  • Current certification in Wilderness First Aid or higher and current certification in Adult/Child + AED CPR or higher (WFR preferred)

Certifications Received

4 year Wilderness Swim Safety Instructor Certification.

  • Successful practical skills assessment required.

Course Length

  • This nationally delivered curriculum meets or exceeds the lifeguarding guidelines and water safety training of the American Camp Association (ACA).

Course Expectations

Attendance & Participation: Students are required to attend all class sessions and field exercises. Students may request no more than 10% of the course hours of excused absence, and may not miss the first day of the course. Review of missed curriculum or examinations is the student’s responsibility. Absences, either unexcused or exceeding 10% of the course hours excused, are grounds for dismissal from the course and cancellation policies will apply.

Textbook/ Handbook:

Performance Outcomes: Instructors will be required to teach a minimum of 2 classroom topics and 2 in-water topics during the last 2 days of the course. Topic assignments will be made after your registration is complete.