Jon Lowrance

Skills & Education
I bring a passion for creating engaging learning environments to Landmark Learning. I came to Landmark as a Wilderness First Responder student while pursing a Bachelor’s in Recreation/Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Southeast Missouri State University. After gaining a bit of teaching/guiding experience at camps in Missouri, I came back to Landmark as an instructor, took my Wilderness EMT course at Landmark and began working for the Jackson County EMS service. My experience teaching wilderness medicine and working as an EMT fueled a desire for more training in emergency medicine so I went back to school (Saint Louis University) and picked up another Bachelor’s in Nursing. After continuing to teach at Landmark and working as a critical care nurse for about five years, I went back to school again for a Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia from Western Carolina University. I’ve really enjoyed finding ways to blend a career in critical care/anesthesia with one in outdoor education!
I grew up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and spent a lot of time climbing in Southern Illinois, hiking the bluffs above the Mississippi and eventually canoeing parts of the big river before moving to Western North Carolina in 2005.
The Landmark Team
The staff at Landmark Learning seal the deal.  I felt so welcome as WFR student at Landmark and knew that I would find a home here as an instructor.  Landmark Learning is not only on the cutting edge of outdoor education for professional guides and outdoor enthusiasts as an organization, but the staff are also part of my family.  And our students are just absolutely amazing!  It’s SO MUCH FUN (!) getting to teach folks from all of the world with so many different backgrounds, experience levels and interests!  I love watching students catch the wave of excitement during our courses as they learn new skills that will serve them long after the course ends.
Outdoor Activities
My favorite activity to do outside would be to surf my whitewater canoe or fling it off a vertical drop (hopefully with me in it)… or bounce down some crazy beautiful rapids.  I love whitewater canoeing!  When I can’t get to the water I’m usually out trail running with my dog!
Why Landmark?
I love constantly being challenged to create high quality experiences with every class and growing throughout the years with my fellow instructors.  Each course is a new opportunity to find better ways to teach.  And each year that goes by I’m more and more convinced that I get to be part of something very special by working with my team at Landmark Learning!
Certs & Classes
NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, EMT-Basic, ACA Swiftwater Rescue, Leave No Trace Master Educator and Wilderness Lifeguard are a few of the courses I help instruct at Landmark Learning.