LL Guide to College Credit at WCU

How To Get WCU Academic Credit For Your Landmark Learning Course(s)

  1. Determine your WCU academic credit eligibility:
    • You are a current WCU student seeking to receive academic credit as a part of your regular course load in the fall or spring semester. Your academic credits are eligible for payment via your financial aid using this method, only.
    • You are a current WCU student that missed the semester’s drop/add deadline for adding a course in the fall or spring but you still want academic credit.
    • You are a current WCU student interested in academic credit during the summer or winter break.
    • You are a non-WCU student any time of the year. Non-WCU students must apply as a non-degree seeking student, meet the entrance requirements of WCU, and pay a one-time application fee (currently $65). Credits can be purchased per credit hour through the Office of Continuing Education.

If you qualify for one of the last three options, please contact the Landmark Learning office for course availability and to register and pay for your course directly through Landmark Learning.

You will also register and pay for your academic credit through WCU Continuing Education. Alert the Landmark office that you are pursuing college credit through WCU. *Your registration with WCU Continuing Education must take place prior to your course dates to remain eligible for WCU academic credit.*

2. Contact Parks and Recreation Management (PRM) Program Director, Dr. Andrew Bobilya, at ajbobilya@wcu.edu or (828) 227-3326 to gain access to registration for these courses each registration period. Let him know how you are planning to register for credit (see 4 options above).

3. Attend and successfully complete your course. Your course end grade will be provided to Dr. Andrew Bobilya and entered on your academic record at WCU.

4. Requests for credit transfer to your school can be made at the WCU Registrar’s office at the end of the semester in which your course was completed.

Additional Notes:

Students completing a minor in PRM with WCU can successfully complete the Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester along with PRM 250 and PRM 270 to meet the complete PRM minor requirements.

LL:WCU Course Descriptions

NOLS 103  Wilderness First Responder (4 credit hours):  PRM 357  Wilderness First Responder

NOLS 105  Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (4 credit hours):  PRM 356  Outdoor First Aid

NCOEMS 101  EMT Intensive (4 credit hours):  PRM 356  Outdoor First Aid

NOLS Wilderness EMT 3+1 (4 credit hours):  PRM 356  Outdoor First Aid

LNT 101  Leave No Trace Master Educator (4 credit hours):  PRM 486  Field Experience

Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester   (12 credit hours):

PRM 357  Wilderness First Responder
PRM 426  Water-Based Outdoor
PRM 486  Field Experience