Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester

Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester

The Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester is a combined course experience taught May-June each year for rising professionals in the outdoor education and recreation fields. The combination of nationally recognized certification trainings offers students an opportunity to make themselves marketable in the outdoor community, building a resume founded in national standards. Training does not substitute for experience, however training helps folks gain the work that furthers their outdoor professional career. The LOES is available for up to 12 hours of college credit through Western Carolina…

NCOEMS Hybrid EMT Intensive

NCOEMS Hybrid EMT Intensive

Earn your credentials in our Hybrid EMT Intensive course. Landmark Learning is the leading private teaching institution approved by the N.C. Office of Emergency Medical Services to teach the EMT curriculum – and the top provider to offer it in this intensive format. Our classes start with Part 1, online self-study and include online meetings with instructors prior to arrival at our Upstream Campus. Upon arrival for Part 2 and in-person instruction, Instructors will demonstrate and students will practice curriculum skills, practice and use EMT equipment, participate in practical scenarios, prepare for course end written and practical testing and attend field experiences on ambulances and at hospital emergency departments. Upgrading to WEMT? If you also attend the NOLS Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals immediately following the EMT Intensive, be sure to visit the NOLS Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (Hybrid EMT plus WUMP) page for details and to prepare for your wilderness…

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